Energising a Sustainable Future

Minety, a 136MWh project developed and delivered by our affiliate and partner, Penso Power

Energy Storage is a crucial enabler for the energy transition as the world’s electricity systems move away from baseload coal and gas, to intermittent solar and wind. The ability to store energy allows us to bridge the gap from when renewable energy is generated to when it is needed. In addition to energy shifting, batteries are also highly efficient at supporting the grid during times of stress, thus enhancing grid reliability. BW ESS leverages decades of experience in critical energy infrastructure investments within BW Group. We combine the benefits of scale and centralisation at a platform level, with best-in-class developers, suppliers, contractors and financial institutions, to deliver market leading BESS projects.

Minety, a 136MWh project developed and delivered by our affiliate and partner, Penso Power

Our Projects

About - BW ESS

We have partnerships and project pipelines in the UK, the Nordics and Australia, with multiple expansion plans underway.

Our Vision

Delivering value through energy storage

Our Mission

Enabling the energy transition

Our Values


We engage our customers to find solutions together

We interact positively and constructively with our colleagues

We are open and authentic in everything we do



We recognise that to be our customers first choice we must be responsive and excel in what we do

We strive for operational excellence, challenging our own performance and goals, as individuals and as teams, seeking to continuously simplify and improve

We give and we value honest and respectful feedback



We deliver on our promises to customers and colleagues

We recognise that accountability and reliability are essential for success

We act with integrity and uphold high ethical standards, target zero harm, care for our people with a focus on health, safety and security



We serve our customers with a long-term perspective

We apply ourselves with a commitment to sustainability and to make a positive impact

We are attuned to the changes around us, and adapt to stay relevant


BW Group

BW ESS is a part of BW Group, a leading global energy and maritime infrastructure company.

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BW Group’s sustainable investments include solar, offshore wind, batteries, biofuels and water treatment.

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